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Graphite HMI Touchscreen's

"Whether you're at home, in the garden,
or on the beach, you 
can still keep an eye
on your process, no matter where you are"

So where would you be if you could remotely
control your process?

With all your process information and parameters on one device you no longer have to be on the production floor to check everything is functioning. In fact with a remotely accessible process you don't have to be in the same country.

The new Graphite range of colour touchscreens gives you everything you could possibly want, from clear local information on the shop floor, full system information in your control room, to critical parameter changes on your smart phone. Give us a call and let us help you review the full Graphite product range.

The new range comes in 5 sizes, 7", 9", 10", 12" and 15" formats to suit most application needs.

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What Benefits Can Remote Access Bring To My Process?


    What Makes Us Different:

  • No Quibble 90 Day Return

  • A Personal Contact

  • Warranty Options

  • Attentive Service

  • Fast & Flexible Delivery


1. Save time by monitoring multiple instruments from one place

Quickly view your entire process to confidently check everything is working. Having your process in animation form means you can visually indicate when instruments and machines are on, off or in an alarm state. Not having to independently check devices in your system leaves you with time for more important issues like planning your next holiday.


2. Reduce Response Rates To Critical Alarms

Its critical in any process that you can react to alarms immediately to minimize damage and limit downtime. Slow reactions can bring higher maintenance costs and extended periods of downtime. By using remote access capabilities you can reduce this drastically with the text and email alert function.

This HMI can be programmed to notify personnel when particular machines are close to or in an alarm state. Not only that but the notification will also tell you what part of your process is affected to assist in diagnosing the problem. Now thats clever!


    The Key Benefits:

  • Save Time

  • Reduced Downtime

  • Quicker Response

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Simple Data Sharing

  • Improved Performance

  • Greater Control

  • Higher Visibility


3. Develop you process by viewing performance data

No matter what process or industry, performance is important. So much so that as standard Red Lion Graphite HMI's come with built in data loggers to record information, produce trend or graphs and to indicate areas of your process that aren't hitting performance targets. All of the collected data can be accessed remotely through the webserver, exported via email or saved to an SD card.


4. Hassle free communication with secure data sharing

Communication is key to running a fault free and efficient process. Remote access allows multiple users to simultaneously log in to the webserver with individual password protected usernames. Each user can have varying levels of access from just viewing parameters all the way up to full operational responsibilities. Data can be viewed and sent to individual personnel or group to make sure that the relevant people get the correct information.


Our Promises to you...  


1. What if the product isn't right for me? No Quibble 90 Day Return

Our free 3 month trial period provides you with a no-risk guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the product for any reason (or no reason at all), then send it back for a full and courteous refund. 

2. Tired of Repeating Yourself? A Personal Consultant to Contact

One of our specialists will become familiar with your specific requirements and will personally deal with all aspects of your business with us. This means nothing is lost in translation and you don’t end up repeating yourself.

3. What If Something Goes Wrong? Warranty Protection Options

With 3 and 5 year warranty plans to choose from, you have even less to worry. Your products will be protected if something goes wrong and we will take full accountability if our products are at fault. This gives you piece of mind and one less thing to worry about. 

4. Frustrated Waiting For An Answer? Efficient and Attentive Service 

Answering the phone within 2 rings, email replies within 20 minutes and a written quotation within 60 minutes are just some of the ways we provide the most attentive service. We will even product find for you to find you the most appropriate solution for your process.

5. Where's My Parcel? Flexible Delivery And Update Notifications

Our delivery notifications will always keep you in the loop about your parcels whereabouts, including email/text alerts and a tracking number you will always be sure where your goods are.  With various delivery options available such as Sunday delivery (at NO extra cost) and express delivery, we have the solution to suit your timescale requirement. 

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