Front Panel Indicators, Meters & Displays

Digital Panel Meters & DisplaysIs monitoring key parameters in your process important? If so then we have something that will make your job a lot easier. 

By using panel meters you can visually manage your process with ease. Our panel meter collection provides a range of different display types for you to choose from, to best suit your application.

Our range of panel meters have digital LED displays suitable for analogue and digital input signals, which are capable of indicating changes in temperature, pressure, voltage, current, frequency, flow and many more.

Red Lion and PIXSYS are just two of the brands we distribute. These brands are well know for their rugged build quality, clear and user friendly displays and their simple intergration into any process. 

From 3 digits to 8 digits, thermocouple to 4-20mA inputs and 24Vdc to 240Vac power supply, as well as options including Relay Alarms and RS485 communications, we have the display solution to suit your process needs.

If you require any help finding the best panel meter for your needs, please send your requirements through to sales(at)

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The Advanced Panel Meter


Large Tri-Colour LCD Panel Meter Display
Green, Red & White
4 Digit LED Screen, 2 Outputs, 2 Setpoints Alarms
3 Versions: Voltage, Current, Frequency
Programmable Digital Scale