Single Phase Power Meters

Our range of Single Phase Power Meters provide you with clear and precise measurements of power parameters and energy costs in your process.

Power meters help to ensure your process runs within energy tariffs by monitoring your power parameters. By using meters you can reduce your power consumption and avoid fines, which produces cost savings to you as a result.

With clear front panel displays, these power meters can monitor RMS Current (AC), RMS Voltage, Frequency, Active Power, Active Energy and many more. This includes up to 4 alarm outputs and max/min values that can be stored for all measured quantities. This provides you with a simple solution for monitoring the power consumption in your process.

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1 Phase Power Monitoring Meter - LUMEL N27D


Ideal for: Panel instrumentation, Sub-billing/cost allocation & Remote monitoring of an electrical installation applications.


1 Phase Power Monitoring Meter - LUMEL N30P


Measurement of single-phase network parameters including voltage, current, active-reactive & apparent power, cos, tg and frequency.