Three Phase (4 Wire) Power Filters

A range of three phase + neutral EMI filters to significantly reduce interference in very noisy environments.  Ideally suited to Industrial Machinery and Renewable Energy applications.

These filters have an ultra-compact and lightweight design while not compromising any performance power. Ensures EMC compliance in Class A and Class B environments and improves immunity of the whole installation. These filters have solid, touch-safe terminal blocks with IP20 protection. Other suitable applications include noisy power supplies, medical devices, automation systems, high powered office equipment and three phase plus neutral connection devices.

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EMI Power Filter - BLASC280 3PH Neutral (4 Wire), Dual Stage, 8A to 160A


Very High Attenuation Performance, 3 Phase, 4 Wire 
Up to 520VAC
Connection Types available: Terminal / BusBar
Amp Sizes: 8A, 16A, 25A, 36A, 64A, 80A, 120A, 160A