What is a Thyristor?

The thyristor semiconductor can be likened to an electrical switch and is used in all our Thyristor Power Controllers. Find out more by reading our short introduction that also includes information on the most common switching/firing modes.

Contactor, SSR or SCR?

What is the difference between the traditional relay or contactor, a solid state relay or a SCR (short for Silicon Controlled Rectifier)? Read on to find out.

How to size a Thyristor?

Need help to size the correct Thyristor Power Controller for your resistance load? Just add the total kW size and supply voltage of the load and our simple sizing tool will select the minimum Controller size you will need.

Application Product Selector Tool

To find the right thyristor (SCR) power controller for your application, use our simple Application Product Selector Tool and in just a few minutes you will have the right product.