I/O Modules

Have you ever wanted a simple way to improve your processes capabilities?

By using I/O Modules, you can.

Our collection of I/O Modules are designed for simplistic connectivty to remove the hassle from installation and setup. These modules can introduce new benefits to your process like remote access, which allows you to monitor and contol your process from anywhere via a webserver, with the option of email and text notifications about alarm statuses.
With brand names such as Lumel, who are recognised for their innovative design and simple integration, we know we can provide the suitable solution for you.

For further information or help finding the right product for your needs, please send us your requirements to sales(at)cdautomation.co.uk

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Data acquisition module with www. server - LUMEL SM61


Do you need to read critical process parameters from your PC, Tablet or Mobile via the web, and from anywhere in the world?