Soft Starters For AC Motors

Would You Be Interested In Saving Money and Increasing Efficiency?
Well Using Soft Starters Will Do Exactly That.

Our energy optimising soft starters are designed to drive three phase, three wire, squirrel cage induction motors.  Most of the electric motors used today are fixed speed, fixed voltage AC induction motors, which consume two thirds of the total electricity used in industry. Something you may not know is that energy consumption costs make up around 96% of the entire lifetime costs of an electric motor.

Using soft starters will reduce the energy consumption of your motors giving you savings as a result of using less energy. With numerous sizes available from 6A to 200A or 4kW to 138kW at 400Vac (including by-pass contactors), we are certain we can provide you with the best start.

For help finding the best soft starter solution for you, please send us your requirements to sales(at)

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STB Basic Soft Starter


3 Phase, 3 Wire Connection, 6A to 200A
Internal Bypass Contactor
Configurable Kickstart 100 to 300 msec
DIN Rail or Fixing Hole Mounting


STO Mid-level Soft Starter


3 Phase, 3 Wire Connection, 48A to 200A
Adjustable Dials On The Front Panel
Internal Electronic Overload Relay
USB Device & Modbus RTU


STE Enhanced Performance Soft Starter


3 Phase, 3 Wire Connection, 48A to 200A
Colour Touch Screen Panel, Special Vector Control
Two Configurable Digital Inputs & Outputs
Various Communication Options Available