The REVO-S 1PH Thyristor - The Simplest Form of Switching

Straight forward power control, you can rely on.

Simplicity coupled with great function, the real benefits include:

+ Cost Effective, so the budget doesn't compromise performance.
+ Precision Power Control, with fast and complex firing types.
+ Space Saving Design, making panel space no longer an issue.
+ Clean Electricity, as no interference is produced when switching at zero volts.
+ Lower Maintenance Costs, with increased heater element lifespan.
+ Built to Last, with an expected lifespan of over 10 years. 

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Technical Overview

  • Resistance Load: Normal Resistance
  • Current Range: 30A, 40A, 60A, 90A, 120A, 150A, 180A, 210A, 280A, 400A, 500A, 600A, 700A
  • Supply Voltage: 24Vac, 480Vac or 600Vac
  • Input Signal: SSR, 0:10Vdc, 4:20mA
  • Firing Types: Zero Cross or Bust Firing (4, 8 or 16 cycles selectable)
  • Options: Heater Break Alarm - To notify you about load failures
  • Protection: IP20, complies with CE & cUL specification
  • Extras: Internal Quick Blow Fuses, Specialised Heat Sink Design


Originally designed to substitute contactors
, the Revo-S can save you thousands of pounds a year by removing the costs related to replacing mechanical relays.

With no moving mechanical parts, the Revo-S is immune to physical operating wear which means it can last much longer while also being close to silent when operating.

Save Money

Our thyristor power controllers...

Save Time

Spend less money on maintenance and replacing your current switching methods and start saving by using thyristors. Our thyristors require very little maintenance over the course of their expected 10 year lifespan and they will even save you money on your energy bill. Best of all, using thyristor switches can extend the life of heater elements, by using softer firing techniques, producing further long-term savings.

Don't Forget

Our thyristors come pre-programmed for your process, so all you have to do is wire it up and go!

Where Is The Revo-S Currently Being Used?


Temperature Critical Manufacturing 

Our thyristors power controllers are used for operating ovens and furnaces. In these applications it is important to maintaining consistant temperatures to increase the quality of production and to control energy consumption.
By using complex firing types, very tight temperature control can be achieved, minimising over and under shoot.

Power Generation

Our thyristors are also used in power plants and renewable energy applications. These sectors deal with high current and can be susceptible to voltage spikes
However with internal quick blow fuses to protect the semiconductor and current limit, these applications achieve safe and reliable power control.

Replacing Contactors

Thyristors are increasingly being used to replace contactors and there are three reasons for this.

1. Cycle Times - Mechanical contactors can take as long as 30 seconds between switching. With burst firing, switching can occur as quickly as every 0.016 seconds. Faster switching means power can be controlled accurately, resulting in much tighter control over things like temperature.

2. Sizing & Wiring - Panel space and time are two things always in short supply. Contactors consume both, with large footprints and complicated wiring. Thyristors were designed to relieve these issues, with a compact design to save space and simple wiring to stop time being wasted.

3. Maintenance Costs - Moving parts and harsh switching means contactors need maintaining and replacing regularly. However, thyristors are immune to this wear and tear as the switching involves no moving parts. This means thyristor require very little maintenance and are expected to operate for over 10 years.

Why choose us?

CD Automation (Controllers, Drives & Automation) was founded in 1987 with the clear strategy of becoming a leading supplier of quality industrial automation products. Key to this success was the formation of a sales team educated from a strong technical background. The philosophy was simple; provide product & application experts able to work in partnership with the customer to find the right solution.

In 1990 CD Automation began its development of thyristor power controllers and quickly became the worldwide market leader in using microprocessor-based technology.

CD Automation now boasts the most comprehensive power control device range on the market today. The extensive range is capable of accurately controlling a wide spectrum of electrical loads up to 3000kW; from simple single-phase heaters up to complex high temperature-coefficient three phase loads.

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