Why choose the REVO power controller range?

With the market place becoming more competitive, we had a choice to make; design a cheaper product but possibly not as good, or design a new innovative product with true added value for our customers. We chose the latter....

Open a REVO thyristor and you can instantly see our design philosophy compared to others.

No compromise

             Fig. 1 REVO compared to a market leader
  • Heatsink and thyristor junctions generously sized to guarantee a long life
  • The working temperature of the semiconductor junction has a 20% margin on the maximum temperature.
  • Strong connection design between terminal and thyristor semiconductor allows for greater sizing
  • All terminal connections coated in copper to prevent corrosion (oxidation)
  • Over voltage protection
  • Rugged electronic & plastic parts construction
 REVO thyristor build quality

Our no-compromise philosophy means that you not only have excellent value for money when you buy, you can also count on long term reliability for many years.


Fig. 2 Estimated power cycles of AL wire bonded dies

 REVO thyristor build performance table

Some leading suppliers quote temperatures of 130 degrees under the junction point. We guarantee 100 degrees...

This leads to an increase of 100% of unit life.  Longer life warranty = extended cost efficiency

Save space = save money

 Space saving with REVO thyristors


With a reduction of 50% space, its easy to save hundreds off the cabinet price.

Our new design, with the fuses mounted to the front of the thyristor unit means that valuable width & height space is reduced.

The picture shows on the left a traditional mounting with seperate 40A thyristor, fuse & holder plus the current transformer, while on the right two REVO 40A units can be mounted in the same area.

To see our complete range please go to the thyristor power controller home page or try our product selector for help choosing the correct product for your application.



Fig. 2 New design saves 50% space


For further information on saving money see our new REVO-TC and dramatically reduce your wiring and cost.